Apprehended Violence Orders

Apprehended Violence Orders

If you fear for your safety and you wish to protect yourself against violence, threats, intimidation, harassment, and stalking, contact us today to assist you in applying for an Apprehensive Personal Violence Order (APVO) or an Apprehensive Domestic Violence Order (ADVO) for your protection. An ADVO is made when it involves people that are in a domestic relationship, who are living together or who have previously lived together, it also includes any persons who are related. An APVO is made when people are not involved in a domestic relationship, for example when people are neighbours, friends or work colleagues. When you apply for an Order, you are regarded as the Protected Person and the person who has an Order made against them, is called the Defendant.

If you have been served with your Application and fail to attend Court, the Magistrate can make an Order in your absence. If you have not been served with an Application, an Interim Order can be put in place and the matter will usually be adjourned to another Court Date to be dealt with.

If your Application is defended, the Magistrate will allocate a Hearing Date. The Magistrate will hear both your evidence and the evidence of the Defendant and the Magistrate and they will hear from any witnesses. The Magistrate will then make a determination as to whether an Order should be made in your favour. A Court can also make an Order if both yourself and the Defendant reach an agreement.  

If you have applied for a private application, or if you are defending an Order our firm can represent you to ensure you get the best possible result. The Court process can be very stressful and overwhelming, having us act on your behalf can eliminate your stress and worry.

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